need help with a discussion post 1

need help with a discussion post 1

Quality of participation is preferred over mere frequency. A class discussion requires each contributor to build on what has already been said and add something new to the discussion. Simply repeating earlier comments or agreeing with the professor or another student is not a contribution. You need to add new facts, new issues, or new perspectives to the discussion. To get full credit in the discussions you are expected to post an original comments and also respond to one or more comments for an approximate total of 250 or less words. The discussions can include comments on the topics of week or reflections on videos which I will post to Canvas. You may also use current news information to connect with the topics of the week. The comments you make should be interesting and informative. Just briefly agreeing or disagreeing without any commentary is insufficient.

Topic of the Week

Globalization and International Business
National Differences in Political Economy

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