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Reading: “The Psychopathic School” by John Gatto
1. Lecture: Discuss in detail some of Liberalism’s counterarguments to APC/Native anarchism. How might children not be “underdeveloped”? Where did the concept of developmentalism derive (what philosopher)? How might children actually have experience of even “adult” subjects? Why might experience not be the greatest thing we think it is? (in terms of it helping us to be smarter)? What are the issues surrounding scientific research of young people–what are some things we need to keep in mind when using research to judge child capabilities? How does anthropology of adults in non-civilized cultures contrast with the study of civilized children? What is the conservation task and how might kids be answering the question “right”? How is protection of children addressed in APC approaches to child liberation? Why might telling a kid to share her stuff not always a good thing? How are our views on children similar to how we used to (and in some cases still do) our views on women and black people? Reactions to material?
2. Summarize and/or discuss the essay. How does Gatto view schools and what are his problems with traditional education? What are his suggestions for alternatives? Be detailed so I know you’ve read the whole essay! ALSO I AM UPLOADING THE READING IN ZIPFILE.

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