need biology help with a Lab on Gravity and Air Resistance Lab and Discussion

In this lab, you will conduct an experiment to test the effect of parachute size on terminal speed.You will make models of skydivers with different size parachutes and relate each skydiver’s terminal speed to gravity and air resistance.You should hypothesize about how you think the area of the parachute affects its motion, specifically its “terminal speed.”
Download and print your lab report form, which includes the instructions for the lab.Submit your completed lab to the Lab:Gravity and Air Resistance assignment link for grading.Refer to the laboratory rubric in the course orientation to see how your lab will be graded.
Also, post a discussion to explain your results and your analysis.Respond to the posts of others and summarize how your classmates respond to you on the lab report form.Post your discussion to the Discussion:Gravity and Air Resistance link.This discussion is not graded separately.It is a part of your total lab grade.

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