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Chapter 8
Study questions
3.What is the difference between an optimistic approach and a pessimistic approach to decision making under assumed uncertainty?
4. Explain why solving problems under uncertainty sometimes involves assuming that the problem is to be solved under conditions of risk.
exercise 4 (write a 100-150 words summary of your findings)
Investigate via a Web search how models and their solutions are used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the “war against terrorism.” Also investigate how other governments or government agencies are using models in their missions.
4.What are the critical success factors for Big Data analytics?
5. What are the big challenges that one should be mindful of when considering implementation of Big Data analytics?
5.Go to Find at least three customer case studies on Big Data, and write a report where you discuss the commonalities and differences of these cases
7 Go to Search for videos on Big Data computing. Watch at least two. Summarize your findings.
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