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To organize and lead a five-day fly-fishing expedition down the Tikchik River system in Alaska from June 21 to 25 at a cost not to exceed $35,000.
∙ Provide air transportation from Dillingham, Alaska, to Camp I and from Camp II back to Dillingham.
∙ Provide river transportation consisting of two eight-man drift boats with outboard motors.
∙ Provide three meals a day for the five days spent on the river.
∙ Provide four hours fly-fishing instruction.
∙ Provide overnight accommodations at the Dillingham lodge plus three four-man tents with cots, bedding, and lanterns.∙ Provide four experienced river guides who are also fly fishermen.
∙ Provide fishing licenses for all guests.MILESTONES1. Contract signed January 22.
2. Guests arrive in Dillingham June 20.
3. Depart by plane to Base Camp I June 21.
4. Depart by plane from Base Camp II to Dillingham June 25.* This case was prepared with the assistance of Stuart Morigeau. 
Fly in air transportation to and from base camps.
2. Boat transportation within the Tikchik River system.
3. Digital cellular communication devices.
4. Camps and fishing conform to state of Alaska requirements.
1. Guests are responsible for travel arrangements to and from Dillingham, Alaska.
2. Guests are responsible for their own fly-fishing equipment and clothing.
3. Local air transportation to and from base camps will be outsourced.
4. Tour guides are not responsible for the number of King Salmon caught by guests.CUSTOMER REVIEWThe president of BlueNote, Inc.

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