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part 1

In paragraph 18 (the conclusion) of “Climbing the Golden Arches” (pp. 439-443 of The Norton Sampler), Nuñezâ€s recounts several important points drawn from earlier in the essay; specifically, she talks about what she has learned. Choose one of the points she mentions and cite an early passage that supports her conclusion.
What was your first job like? Write a concluding paragraph that shares the key points of your experience and what you learned.

part 2
Tell Your Story: Narrative Essay:
In week one, you chose an idea for your narrative essay. In week two, you wrote an introductory paragraph. In week three, you wrote a body paragraph. Now it is time to finish the draft of your essay, revise it, and submit it for a final grade. Below are a few things to consider when writing and revising your narrative:
A narrative essay has a purpose, so you need to have intent and a reason for telling a particular story. Did the time in your life change you in some way? Did you learn a valuable lesson? What is the reason for telling this story?
Main idea/Thesis:
Whatever your purpose for writing the essay, you will let the reader know in your opening paragraph as you introduce the story. Stating the main idea, also known as a thesis, lets the readers know what to expect as they read. Your thesis may look like this: “The day I applied to college, my outlook on life changed.” Another example might look like this: “Choosing to have a child opened my eyes to other goals.” As you write your essay, keep your thesis in mind, and this will help keep you on track as you write.
Story Elements:
A narrative essay will have the same elements as a short story or novel. You will have a plot, the series of events that form the story, and a climax, a moment near the end of the story where the conflict in your story is most tense. Narrative essays should also have characters and a resolution to the conflicts.
Descriptive Language:
You can use descriptive language in your narrative essay. In week three, you practiced describing an object and a setting. Descriptive language helps your reader connect to your story and have a lasting impact.
Narrative Essay Instructions:

The following criteria reflect the areas needed for a successful narrative essay.
The essay should have a clear purpose and a main idea/thesis statement within the first paragraph.
The narrative should share a larger lesson with the audience than simply retelling an event.
A strong narrative centers on a conflict building from introduction to body to a thought-provoking resolution.
It should use descriptive language to bring the reader into the experience.

Please see Norton pages 121-30 and Little Seagull pages 58-61 for more details about the qualities of an effective narrative essay.

600 word narrative essay
Microsoft Word document formatted in APA (see below)
Submit to Submission Area

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