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Please answer the questions below for following organization: (KPA) The Korean Psychological AssociationOrganizations Website: point form (were possible) and provide other resources that you use aside from the website provided **
The questions for the organization are as follows:1. State overall focus or major focal points of each organization. Essentially provide a “biography” about how they were created, their purposes or mission statement, agenda of motives, what they have done, and reason for existence within the discipline of Anthropology, Psychology, or Sociology. (approx. 4 slides each = 12+)
2. how do they function as an organization?
3) Choose one (1) issue that is prevalent in today’s society which is also a present focus of study for this organization. Essentially, what is one issue or area of study they are working on presently that you will choose? Provide a two (2) slide explanation or overview of why they are focusing on that issue or subject matter at this time, what is their process(es) of study and if any conclusions have been confirmed regarding this present focus of study. Provide statistics, graphs, findings, conclusions, impacts of this focus of study they are/ recently done. (3+ slides each = 9+)4. Personal reflection about each of your chosen justice group/association, organization:a) Why is this organization interesting?c) Two (2) ways you think that this organization is effective? How?b) What more could they be doing? How could they improve?c) Would you ever consider joining this organization? Why/why not?5) In a properly formatted typed paragraph response you are to complete the following question.What are two (2) conclusions you can reflect upon regarding the association/organization you researched and how they have provided a benefit to you personally in making you more aware, knowledgeable, and overall, more interested within the areas of Psychology. Plagiarism Free Papers
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