My assignment is the following: Think about an area you are …

My assignment is the following:Think about an area you are interested in researching. This topic will be used as a guide when forming project groups.We were to write a post of a minimum of 200 words including the following:A summary of the problem you identified_ which is completed below.This is where I need assistance. I am unsure how to write a problem statement.My nursing issue is the nursing shortage. Staffing shortages increase the nurse to patient ratio, which puts the nurses’ ability to care for patients in jeopardy.Staffing shortages Impacts on Nurse: Less time, less attention to detail, forced to take shortcuts, and the added stress is be detrimental to their health or cause burnout. These impacts can cause numerous issues. Safety protocols are skipped to save time, mistakes are made more frequently, and reduces the nurse’s job performance. These issues result in compromised quality of care, increased costs, and endangers patient safety. Patients experience lapses in care, are at risk for medication errors, have an increased risk of infection, injury or death.As one ages, the need for healthcare increases. These shortages are based on the number of nurses leaving the industry from burnout& retirement, the increased aging population, and lack of clinical instructors to train future nurses. The Baby Boomers are huge majority of the population and as they age, this is causing and will further place an substantial weight to the healthcare industry.I need help with the problem statement. Plagiarism Free Papers
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