music reaction paper 1

Will attach the assigned reading when accepted.
Write a 1 to 2 pages, based on the reading you have to do, everything has to be written in your own words.
Grammar and Style: Grammar is the body of rules that governs how a language is put together. This includes how words or phrases are used (usage), as well as how they are combined to form a sentence (syntax). Spelling, punctuation, usage, and syntax are not only mechanical issues, they affect the clarity and meaning of what you write.
Argument: Your paper should be more than just description. It should state a position or express a perspective on the topic. Arguments have usually two components, analysis (taking the topic apart and looking at its constituent elements), and synthesis (recombining the elements of the topic in a way that offers new insights).
Citation: When relevant, please make sure to cite your words and stick to the same style of citation. You can find models of citation styles in the Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, and APA.
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