Multilevel Marketing under Fire Herbalife Defends Its Business Model

Case number 19. It’s on page number 611. Here are the guidelines i need you to follow. You’ll need to answer all 3 Qs. Please don’t forget about the whether statement as well as the bible verse.

APA formatting
One inch margins all around
Cover page
An abstract is not required
Introduction not more than ½ page- The introduction is a brief overview.
The last sentence of the introductory paragraph includes a whether statement-the issue.
Level 1 subheading (Centered) Introduction or name of case study.
Conclusion subtitle is centered and includes lessons learned, ties back to the thesis statement, answering the thesis statement. Highlights main points.
Reference page – textbook first, outside journals-at least three that support your work. References mirror the citations in the analysis.

Apply a moral philosophy from the business philosophies named in the textbook…But…
Define the moral philosophy using quoted citations from a journal article.
Apply it to the portion of the case, the person, the culture, the situation, an action and quote that from the case study using a citation.
Then, explain how the philosophy applies to the portion of the case that was cited.
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