More and more hospitals or healthcare organizations are beco…

More and more hospitals or healthcare organizations are becoming susceptible to Cyberattacks; In 2021, it was estimated that more than two-thirds of healthcare organizations in the United States had experienced a ransomware attack, up from 34% in 2020. To prevent cyberattacks, you must be fully aware and understand the root causes of cyberattacks and be able to identify the types of cyberattacks.Be prepared to discuss the following in your paper:Research and explain some common causes and why healthcare organizations are becoming more susceptible to cyberattacks.Explain some of the common attacks. Be sure to outline any specificity among them.Explain why those security concerns and challenges still exist despite technological advancement.Explain who is ultimately responsible for bringing and finding a solution.Explain why healthcare organizations should prioritize cybersecurity and what they can do to prevent and combat those attacks.In response to those Cyberattacks, how are the federal and states government helping? Be sure to list any laws and regulations specific to any provisions. While it is a global challenge – we will focus on the United States.Are those laws and regulations helping, and what more can be done? Please explain.Concluding by explaining what the future looks like with all those emerging technologies, i.e., Telehealth, Remote Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence, etc., and explaining what additional challenges those emerging technologies will bring and what can be done to mitigate and prevent future challenges. Plagiarism Free Papers
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