Mood Disorder: Suicide Custom Essay

Introduction Many of us experience moments of dejection and during such periods life seems grey and nothing appears worthy doing. On the other hand, some have experienced the opposite state that is a mood of euphoria, excitement, and recklessness where one becomes feverishly active and think we can accomplish anything. This is depression and mania that occur mildly and temporarily in our daily lives. However, in other individuals such shifts in mood are prolonged and extreme in that the individual??™s life becomes extremely disrupted. Such conditions are mood or affective disorders (Yang, 2011). Moods are the state of feelings that cover our coloring our psychological lives. Therefore, mood disorders are emotional disturbances of the emotions that spill over into almost every other aspect of life. Such disorders affect how people think, behave, care for themselves, and overall health. In this sense, mood disorders are total body disorders. Mood disorders are characterized by mood dysregulation that is pervasive and psychomotor activity and related biorhythmic and cognitive disturbances (Yang, 2011)
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