mkt490 module 1 5 discussions thread questions

Module 1 Discussions
Strategic Marketing





Read Jensch, J. (2013). Strategic marketing—Developing a corporate brand platform. The Quest Team. Available November 21, 2013, at
The strategic marketing platform also includes decisions related to segmentation, targeting, and positioning.

Explain how each of these concepts apply to marketing Extra Strength Tylenol.


Module 2 Discussions





View the slide show on brand personality available on November 21, 2013, at

How would you characterize the brand personality of the Chevrolet Volt, GM’s entry in the electric car market? 
How might that personality be projected in the Volt’s advertising campaign?


Module 3 Discussions
Inventory Management





Module 4 Discussions



Promotion Strategy





Module 5 Discussions



Pricing Strategy





Read Mealey, L. (2013). How to price your restaurant menu. Available November 21, 2013, at
Assume you are about open a 50-seat restaurant in the central business district of a mid-sized city. There are at least 20 eating places within 3 blocks of your location, including McDonald’s, several mid-priced ethnic restaurants, a brewpub, and 2 establishments with gourmet aspirations. You’ve chosen an “American Family” concept featuring comfort food, homemade pie, and daily soup specials. A common pricing model for restaurants is to price at 3 times food costs. However, upscale restaurants commonly use 2  times food costs and mass market chains tend toward 4 times food costs.

Can you explain these differences?
Where do you see your restaurant’s pricing model? Explain.
Suppose the food cost of meatloaf dinner (including a green salad, potato, vegetable, pie, and coffee totaled $4.69. What would your menu price be?
Suppose now that this meatloaf dinner were featured as your “daily special.”  Would that make a difference? Explain.

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