Midterm Reflection Memo

This week, you will be putting together a portfolio of your formal work so far this semester. This project allows you to reflect on the work you’ve done, get started on revisions if you want, and get an idea of where your grade stands in the course.
Please reflect on your writing so far this semester:

Consider your work in this class as a reader, writer, and thinker. What have you accomplished? What have you tried? Have you taken any risks?
At the beginning of the semester, you set out some goals for yourself. How have you addressed these goals? How do you plan on continuing to work on these goals? Now that the semester is underway, what other goals do you have for yourself?

As you think about your midterm reflection, please know that your reflection can be done in a variety of genres:

Traditional Memo (single-spaced, FULL page long).

– Look at JAC pages 55-64

As you consider your writing process, read page 57 in JAC about invention strategies that you might have used.
As you consider the goals in the course, read pages 58-64.
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