Mgt 426 questions | Management homework help

Mgt 426 questions | Management homework help

Please read and provide 75-100 word opinions/comments to the following questions.

Change is important in the culture of the organization. Do you think it is wise for a top executive to fire a manager who is bringing in big sales and profits for the company but not living up to a cultural value of “showing respect for employees”? Explain.

Why do you think many people are so frightened by globalization as the world is in an increasing considerable change? Based on what is occurring in the world today, do you expect the globalization backlash to grow stronger or weaker over the next decade?

What is the role of the organization’s mission and vision statement? How often should organization’s review their mission and vision statement? How does the mission and vision statement reflect change in the organization?

Explain the logic and process of developing built-to-change organizations.

Describe the most common organization structures used today and their strengths and weaknesses.

Describe and evaluate the reengineering intervention.

Discuss and apply the principles of sociotechnical systems work design.

Describe the engineering approach to work design.

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