meteorology activity watching the documentary dead heat and answer three questions

Accurately measuring air temperature is crucial because those temperature measurements are then kept as official records. They go on to be used in average temperature calculations (which indicate a region’s climate), they are used by energy companies to determine how much energy they need to heat/cool households, and if extreme, they go on to be listed as record high or record low temperatures. If a recorded temperature was improperly measured, it is then deemed invalid. A key example of this is a temperature of 136.4°F, recorded in El Azizia, Libya; the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth! However, looking back at official documentation of the record, comparing it to nearby locations, and to other recent observations in the area, the record was deemed invalid in 2012 by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Watch the Documentary “Dead Heat” which can be found at: (Links to an external site.), and on the Google Forms answer sheet, answer the following questions in a paragraph or two:

What were the key pieces of evidence that were used to overthrow the record at El Azizia?
What was the major event that slowed the investigation down?
What is now the new record highest temperature in the world, and what where the key pieces of evidence used to validate the new record hottest temperature

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