Mesosystem case study discussion | Education homework help

 You will again analyze a case study in this discussion. This time, address the issues of Case 4, “Lunchtime at Sunnydale Elementary School” (Weiss et al., pp. 42–49). After reading the case, use the following questions to guide your discussion:

How are parents encouraged and supported to participate in school decision-making?
How can better coordination be achieved between families and the school?
How does the school support varying cultural beliefs in day-to-day practices and in decision-making groups? In what ways are linguistic and ethnic differences addressed? Analyze opportunities for improvement in these areas and make suggestions for the most appropriate practices.

 Then, answer from the perspective of one of the following roles:

School principal or administrator.

As you respond, consider whether this is a realistic assessment or solution from that perspective. How could it be improved?

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