medium voltage direct current modeling

medium voltage direct current modeling

The research trends worldwide is started to reconsider the DC power in future transmission and distribution system applications. In the 21st century system that is going to DC while the power electronics technologies progress, high efficient of semiconductors and devices. In addition to the consumer devices, resources, energy storage that supply DC power. The DC applications increased through the consumer electronics, renewable resources that produce DC power, transportation electrification with electric vehicles, information technology and the internet trough Data centers, the Energy storage technologies systems, and the transmission and distribution infrastructure through HVDC. The medium voltage direct current (MVDC) concept is a collection platform as a layer of infrastructure between transmission and distribution to provide integrate renewable generation (wind, photovoltaic, fuel cell, energy storage, etc.). One of the benefits of MVDC is the installation of large and small scale wind, solar farms, DC loads, Electrical vehicles, Dc loads, etc.). The efficiency for such MVDC is the main features that tend to minimize the power conversions. The future of the MVDC should be more focused while there are many of points that should be considered.


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