Medication Error, health and medicine homework help

In the elderly patients, the likelihood of a medication can cause some harm or impairment to this age group in some way. The harm can be heightened by impaired physiology, heavy medication consumption, and/or an increase in inappropriate medication use by the healthcare provider as well as the patient. There are three critical thinking exercises listed in your textbook on page 450 at the bottom of the page in the yellow box and three personal reflection situations listed in the light blue box on page 451. Choose one from each box (yellow and light blue) and elaborate on them in a 2-3 page or more paper assignment using APA formatting. Use at least 2 nursing peer reviewed journal articles no older than five years to support your documentation as citations and references no older than 5 years for each one that you choose to discuss. The post Medication Error, health and medicine homework help first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.

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