Media Planning and Strategy Focus

Media Planning and Strategy Focus

WEB EXERCISE 3 : Chapter 10 

For this exercise, you will first read an expert’s evaluation of two travel sites’ media strategies— and You can find the article in the Week 3 folder.  After reading the article, provide your answers to the following questions in the submission area within this folder. Make sure you integrate information from the article and from the chapter readings into your answers. Be thorough but concise.  

1. Focusing on their broadcast media (or television strategy), what were the main media vehicles that each travel site used to place their commercials? 

2. What do the media vehicles chosen by each travel site tell you about their target market?

3. According to the info presented in the article, which travel site do you think had the best Reach? Briefly explain why. 

4. Which scheduling method would you recommend for these two companies? Briefly explain why.

5. Do you think the media vehicles chosen by each travel site supported their creative strategy?
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