Measurement, Statistics, and Appraisal

Measurement, Statistics, and Appraisal

Please provide in-text citations for each question. Resources used must be within the last 5 years.

#1 What are confounding variables? Provide examples.

#2 When performing any type of research (especially involving human subjects) the external factors can skew the results. Any research experiment that is reliant upon selecting subjects and placing them into groups is always at risk. This could be a result of the researcher being biased or incorrect. The researcher may fail to take into account all of the potential confounding variables. This then causes severe validity issues. What are some advantages and disadvantages of randomized controlled trials?

#3 Describe measurement theory. Support your answer with an example.

#4 Why are the levels of evidence important in evidence-based practice?

#5 Suppose we wanted to measure the effects of alcohol on driving ability. We would have to try to ensure that extraneous variables did not affect the results. What are the some of the extraneous variables to consider in this scenario? How could they impact the research?


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