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This is one writing writing paper, need word count at least 3500.
Book link is here:
Must use some citation from the book.
The detailed writing instruction and the grading rubric is post in the attached file. Please check and make sure meet all these requirement.
Grading rubric:

SCORING RUBRIC for OL MKTG330 Signature Assignment:

Marketing Project Paper effectively provides a profile of the business from a marketing basis (including SWOT Analysis) – 25%
Secondary research reinforces the business situation analysis (competition and macroenvironment) – 15%
Final analysis demonstrates a thorough understanding of marketing strengths and weaknesses through all four elements of the marketing mix and applications – 15%
The new product development and strategic analysis present actionable recommendations for meeting specific needs of current and proposed target market(s) and improving the marketing mix and SWOT – 25%
Citations are high quality and in proper APA style – 10%
Spelling and grammar are correct, language applied is advanced and incorporates marketing terminology, visuals are applied – 10%

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