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Question 1:After reflecting on the article you read from Social Media Examiner, 3 Ways to Add Facebook Live to Marketing Strategy, select one brand/company that you think is doing a good job using Facebook Live Video as a way to engage customers and prospects and critique, and discuss some of the strategies they are using. (For example: “This small bakery business is using Facebook Live to show customers how they make their award-winning donuts in the kitchen” Provide a link to the Facebook business/brand page so the class can view. Around 200 to 300 words.
Question 2: The GM Fastlane corporate blog is a success. (Read all the attachments) As stated, the blog was introduced in January of 2005and featured direct access to candid thoughts of then vice chairman Bob Lutz and other GM executives. The effort helped GM overcome its dinosaur image, reach customers quickly, and attract web traffic through other sites and blogs linking to Fastlane. At least 2 pages. For this assignment:
1.Find another corporate or company/brand blog that is doing well.
2.What are the business objectives for the blog?
3.Communication Objectives?
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