Marketing Communication strategies for Biobank UK

Topic: Marketing Communication strategies for Biobank UK
Preparing Preferred language style: English (U.K.)
Biobank – improving the health of future generations UK Biobank is a major UK medical research initiative with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of serious illnesses ? including cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and forms of dementia. To do this, Biobank has recruited 500,000 people aged 40-69 from across the country to provide a database for medical research. UK Biobank has the support of leading scientists and is funded by the Wellcome Trust, the UK?s largest independent medical research charity, the Medical Research Council, the Department of Health and British Heart Foundation. The project is supported by the National Health Service. Dr Mark Walport, Director, Wellcome Trust said: “UK Biobank provides an important opportunity to advance our knowledge of the causes of disease. Studying large populations for long periods allows us to understand the links between the environment, health and disease. Such studies have been enormously valuable. For example, understanding the link between high blood pressure and stroke, or the increased risk of cot death for babies sleeping on their fronts, came from studies of populations. This knowledge has resulted in substantial health improvements. Now we can combine the power of large population studies with modern informatics and genetics. UK Biobank has the capacity to answer questions about health and disease that could benefit future generations (Source: Biobank has compiled data from 500,000 individuals. You are asked to advise Biobank on the following issues: Egan (2007) says that Marketing Communications is ?the means by which a supplier of goods, services, values and/ or ideas represent themselves to their target audience with the goal of stimulating dialogue leading to better commercial or other relationships?. Is this definition relevant to Biobank? Marketing Communications Strategy is identified by Egan (2007) as relating to push and pull options. Which Marketing Communications Strategy option would you recommend for Biobank? Egan (2007) identifies that Sales Promotion is ?the offering of an incentive to make people act?. Should Biobank use Sales Promotion? Finally, the first page of the article titled: ?Why Charity will always begin at home?, focuses on the importance ? and types – of loyalty. Which aspect of loyalty applies to Biobank? This assignment will identify your ability to present a marketing communications proposal which should demonstrate: 1. Your ability to critically analyse the definition of marketing communications. 2. Your ability to critically analyse marketing communications strategy. 3. Your ability to critically analyse sales promotion. 4. Your ability to critically analyse loyalty.
Organisation and Coherence15 points
The study must be clearly structured with frontispiece, contents page and numbering system. The introduction must analyse the issues to be covered, identifying relevant arguments to be aIDressed ? not just a list. These issues must all be followed up logically in the study. There must be a firm conclusion of the issues and arguments.
Content 25 Points The contents must clearly relate to Marketing Communications, (NOT Marketing) and the learning outcomes being tested, demonstrating originality and creativity. Knowledge and understanding must be identified of the following issues 1. the definition of marketing communications. 2. marketing communications strategy. 3. sales promotion. 4. loyalty. These issues must be applied to the case in the ways requested.
Clarity of Expression 10 Points
The assignment must be clearly expressed, articulate and fluent. Accurate spelling/ grammar must be in evidence.
Level of Analysis and Synthesis 25 Points
There should be critical analysis and synthesis of issues, (not just description or definition) which are well integrated and evaluated, as appropriate.
Use of Literature showing Knowledge and Understanding 15 Points
To evidence your knowledge you must use at least 15 different sources including at least 3 academic Mar Comms books. Marketing titles are not appropriate.
Quality of referencing 10 Points
Consistent and accurate use of Harvard referencing system must be maintained
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