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I need help responding to the following answer:For the “Because I am a Woman/Man” activity, I did my woman responses and then had my husband do the man responses. One of the responses I had for “allowed to” was be emotional. I put “expected to” be softhearted, nurturing and have children. It was hard for me to find things I am forbidden to do because a lot has changed for us women these days, but one I thought of was forbidden from not wearing a shirt in public. My husband put that he was “allowed to” burp and be messy, haha. Other things I said for “expected to” as a woman was to be helpful, polite, and be physically attractive. I noted that if I were a man I could walk alone at night, or drive a truck without people staring or thinking that it is “manly.” My husband wrote that he is expected to be a leader, bring home the cash, and fix everything in the house. He noted that if he was a woman, he could give birth and multi-task better! Plagiarism Free Papers
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