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CM PRACTICE EXERCISE – Ethically What Went Wrong?The following hypothetical practice situations are designed to help you apply what you have learned in the ethics chapter. For each situation, in a brief sentence or two, explain what was done in the situation that was unethical.Marcella began to drink in the evenings after work when her husband left her for another woman. As the months went by, the divorce became increasingly acrimonious. There were accusations, attempts to take Marcella’s money, and attempts to deprive her of custody of the children. The children began to exhibit problems, and there were financial problems as well. Drinking in the evenings expanded to a drink with lunch and later to a drink and then several drinks in mid-afternoon. In time, Marcella could not face the day without alcohol when she first got up. She continued to report for work where she was the sole worker on the day shift in a small residential setting with four clients. Marcella began to ignore the clients. It started with naps in the afternoon, which left the clients unsupervised. Later Marcella found it too hard to fix dinner for her clients and began to allow them to eat junk food for dinner. As the situation deteriorated, Marcella became more and more mired in self-pity, anger at her ex-husband, and alcohol abuse. She continued to work at the group home.
Arnie has problems with substance abuse. He considers himself an “alcoholic who likes a little cocaine now and then. He is funny, articulate, and clever. When he comes to the case management unit he seems open about his progress and regressions. He always asks how his case manager is doing. Sometime he brings in the paper and leaves it for her to read, saying he has read it and is finished with it. On Friday evening some of the case managers go out to dinner at a place that serves alcohol and very good food. They are having a good time unwinding after work when Arnie joins them. It appears he is drinking a soft drink, but no one knows that for sure. Arnie and the case managers laugh and talk about their work until late in the evening. Arnie is funny and has hilarious insights about some of the clients he has encountered in the waiting room. Plagiarism Free Papers
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