Look at some of the paintings in the Chapter 4 READ section

Look at some of the paintings in the Chapter 4 READ section.
If you were going to purchase one of these paintings, which one would it be and why?
Explain from your personal preference, but also explain using one or two elements of paintings described in both READ and ATTEND sections (Chapter 4).
Next, name a public sculpture that you have witnessed in your lifetime that you have grown fond of. Explain what the sculpture means to you.

Paper 2 
We see many shows on TV with singers, musicians, and dancers being evaluated by panels of judges. Have you ever wondered exactly what is involved in properly evaluating a performer?
Though we’d like to think the process is objective, many judges rely on their own artistic experience, basing their judgments on how they feel about the performer or the performer’s popularity. However, as we see in chapters 9 & 10 of your READ section, there are many elements to be considered beyond commercial success.

Select your favorite artist in music or dance.
Explain why they are your favorite.
What unique qualities set them apart from other artists? Make sure you use some of the terms and techniques highlighted in your READ and ATTEND sections to defend your position.

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