Lisa is accused of luring a group of men into a park where t…

Directions:Read the case illustration at the end of Chapter 1 and answer the following questions:What problems do you see in the case illustration that might require referrals, and to whom/where?What additional information would you need to formulate an intervention plan?What research questions or problems does this case bring to mind?How is researching different from what you would actually do for the family?Class Exercises for Competency AssessmentUse this case illustration to do Exercise 1.1.While making a routine night patrol through a partially developed construction area on the outskirts of town, a sheriff’s deputy notices fresh tire tracks in the new-fallen snow that lead suspiciously toward a clump of trees and some bulldozed construction debris. There had been complaints of vandalism on the construction site, so the deputy investigates. As he drives closer, the spotlight reveals a large, older style SUV. However, the vehicle occupants are not the expected adolescent trouble-makers but a homeless family seeking a protected spot to rest for the night. A frightened-looking man and woman shield their eyes from the spotlight glare while three sleepy-eyed children peer out from under blankets in the back. The woman clutches an infant in her arms. The officer learns that the couple is from out of state. The man relates how they gave up their apartment back home and bought this large vehicle to transport them and their meager belongings to Texas where he’d been promised a job. But 300 miles from home, he got a call informing him that the company just shut down. Now there was no job and to make matters worse, the fuel pump on the truck was acting up and he didn’t know how much farther the SUV could go without an expensive repair. They’ve been running the engine a little off and on for heat, but they only have a little food and no idea of where or how to get help in the morning. The officer radios dispatch, describes the situation and consults on what to do next.Class: Research Methods in Human ServicesBook: Applied Social Research: A Tool for the Human Services9781285075518Duane R. Monette, Thomas J. Sullivan, Cornell R. DeJongCengage Learning2013-03-08 Plagiarism Free Papers
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