Lesson 5: Discussion – Preparing for and Taking Tests

Lesson 5: Discussion – Preparing for and Taking Tests

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Graduation Fact: The MAP (My Academic Plan) is an individualized education plan that forecasts the plan towards graduation. It lays out a semester-by-semester plan of all courses needed in order to graduate with an identified degree. Recommendation: Consider your MAP as your Educational GPS! It is the guide that will take you from where you are today to the Graduation stage. Follow it to the letter. Consult with an advisor any time you need to make any unforeseen changes to your MAP.
1. Discuss 3 Taking Tests success strategies that you will incorporate after you have read this week’s chapter and watched this week’s videos. How do you plan on implementing this information in school and in life situations?
2. What are some of the many ways that your values, actions, behaviors, and beliefs have been tested and evaluated in life?
3. Define what integrity means for you.
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