knowledge mgmt amp info project by using orange program

knowledge mgmt amp info project by using orange program

Project Specification:

Project Requirements:
You must write your research paper as a group fulfilling the following requirements:

. All your submissions will undergo plagiarism check iThunticate (plagiarism checker).
The data to be used for KM must be related to KM & IR as well as any current issues. You can get plenty of open source data available online or you can obtain with Get at least 500-1000 records for proper analysis.
The software to be used for analyzing the data is ORANGE DATA MINING.
Minimum 10-30 references must be made to other KM papers as per the journal referencing format. You should go through sample journal papers (even from other sources are allowed).
Your paper must include minimum 2 tables and 2 figures.

The following concepts of KM must be addressed and applied in the paper:

Knowledge Management Cycle
Knowledge Management Models
Knowledge Capture & Codification
Knowledge Application
Knowledge Management Tools
(optional) Information Retrieval (IR) Modeling
(optional) Retrieval Evaluation

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