Kim is a new counselor working at Main Street Mental Health …

What is the best response to this discussion statement?Do you agree with Sulmasy’s argument that the Catholic natural law tradition is able to provide a better account of informed consent than the “autonomy” tradition? Why or why not?I believe that the catholic natural tradition is able to provide a better account of informed consent than the autonomy tradition because when providing informed consent, the patient is receiving everything they should know about what ever procedure they are ought to have. For example with Mrs. Carpenters case, the doctor gave a well informed explanation of what his recommendation was. He explained the nature of the procedure, risks, and benefits. With informed consent you are giving the patient the nature of the procedure, second opinions, or just giving the patient the decision of not having the procedure done. With autonomy, the patient could either make a decision that is based off what they believe without the background of what the provider knows. It’s a self determined choice according to their own views and decide what it is good for one self (Informed Consent Without Autonomy, P.208 section I. The Commonly Held View by Daniel P. Sulmasy) Plagiarism Free Papers
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