Key Term: Quality and Price

Key Term: Quality and Price

Efficiency and Effectiveness AnalysisMarch 3, 2021

Conduct an Internet search to find and read at least 3 recent articles that relate to the key term you selected.Articles may be found in the International section of any reputable website that focuses on internationalbusiness, such as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, or the Economist. Another good source of informationis EBSCOhost, accessible through Liberty’s online library. Websites like,, Wikipediaetc. do not constitute scholarly academic articles and references.

Of the 3 articles you’ve read, select the article that you wish to discuss, and write a review of it. In addition,you must post all 3 (or more) recent articles to the reference section—even though you review only one ofthem. You may provide additional references, but references do not replace 3 articles that relate to your keyterm. Actually reference the article you review within the article review. Your review must include the followingsections (each section must be structured by a heading for each section):a. A definition of the key term: this does not count in the 200 word minimum requirement.b. A summary, in your own words, of the selected article

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