kant jealousy envy and grudge

kant jealousy envy and grudge

After reading Kant’s Jealousy, Envy, and Grudge answer the following questions:

How does Kant distinguish grudge from envy? Why is the extreme of envy “devilish”?
We sometimes say to a friend, “I envy you.” Can we envy people without begrudging their happiness? Explain. How does Kant view this?
Why does Kant advise us to compare ourselves with the ideal of perfection? What vices are associated with comparing ourselves with others?
What are the three devilish vices, and what is devilish about them? Does Kant believe that the devilish vices are natural? Why or why not? What is their origin?
What does Kant think is wrong about accepting favors? Do you think Kant demands too much of the average person? Is his doctrine too austere? Explain.

Post your thoughts and comments to all the above questions.
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