Create a lesson plan for a traditional classroom (any format is acceptable). After completing the traditional lesson plan, revise the plan to include technology integration. Although you will not be implementing this lesson plan, identify advantages and disadvantages to each plan. 
1. Written objective (observable & measurable)
2. Materials needed
3. Preparation work required
4. Method of instruction
5. Assessment
6. Describe instructional environment
7. Advantages/disadvantages
Technology Integration
1. Written objective (observable & measurable)
2. Identify benefits gained, effort required, expense required to add technology to lesson plan
3. Materials needed (including hardware, software, peripherals)
4. Preparation work required
5. Method of instruction
6. Assessment
7. Describe instructional environment
8. Advantages/disadvantages
one to two sentence for each. The post just for BIZZNA TUTOR first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.

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