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There is a lot to learn when you begin studying criminal justice. There are various theories, a large number of case studies, and a seemingly infinite number of research articles. Moreover, the theories and approaches evolve over time; that is, what was being used in the field yesterday may not be used in the field tomorrow. The best way to get started is with foundations: the critical, fundamental basis and principles used in criminal justice.
In at least 250-words, explain at least three insights you’ve gained in this foundational week of criminal theories and practice. Some example questions you could answer are:

What is the most exciting piece of new information you have learned in this first week?
What information has surprised or shocked you?
How have early approaches to criminology changed in modern times?
What is something you didn’t understand in this week and what information do you need to help your understanding?
What are you excited to learn more about?
How do you think criminology will evolve in the future?

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