journal assignments 3

In order to exhibit individual comprehension of subject matter, each student will be required to write five journal entries about the course material to enhance and develop their own management and leadership skills. Students should reflect on real-life scenarios that are applicable to the course material from the prior section/unit. These scenarios can be issues faced at work, in a club or activity, in the news, in pop culture, whatever the student thinks is most relevant. Each entry should identify the concept, explain the scenario and its relation to the concept, and explain how you would handle the situation based on lessons learned in the course.
For one journal entry, students should attend one networking event (free events are highly encouraged) in their desired work field. Each student should interact with at least three different people (obtaining a business card) at the event and learn about what they do at work and how leadership and management applies to their position. Students should journal about this experience and upload the three business cards and a photo showing attendance at the event to this entry. Bonus points will be awarded for successful next steps with a contact, particularly if this can lead to a job opportunity! Plan ahead and do not wait until the end of the semester to attend the networking event.
Each journal entry is worth 20 points. Journal entries should be at least one full page (no more than 12-point font, reasonable academic quality font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced). Each journal is due at the start of class (submitted online no later than 6:30pm on the due date). Late entries will not be accepted and receive a grade of zero.
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