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Locate an article written within the past year from one of the following sources Harvard Business Review that discusses an aspect of applied macroeconomic theory being covered throughout the specific week (e.g., Week 3 -> Macroeconomic Perspectives (GDP), Week 5 -> Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply/Aggregate Equilibrium, etc.). For this Week 5 Journal Assessment, your applied theory concepts that can be used in the article search include the following below. Aggregate Demand Aggregate Supply Aggregate Equilibrium Keynesian Theory Consumer Spending Tax Reform/Policy The Journal Assessment will include a detailed summary of the article, your reaction to the article, your answers to the below questions, and a complete citation of the source (or sources if you choose to use additional sources to back up your point of view with factual evidence). Describe the applied macroeconomic theory the article refers to. What is the author’s main point? Who is affected by the situation described in the article, and how? How is the information in the article relevant to you and concepts being covered in this course? Do you agree with the author’s opinion or with the actions described in the article? Why or why not?
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