journal 1 assignment paper

Journal Topic: As we begin this process, please discuss your ideas about how people grow and change in the midst of difficult situations. Please give a personal example in your own life of how this has applied. If you want you can use my dad him dying of cancer
Journal Instructions: 
You will be asked to journal expressive and critical reactions to your class readings, lectures, activities, and personal experiences. For each journal you will need to submit through eCompanion a one-to-two page (single-spaced) paper expressing your feelings and thoughts in writing about a specific topic, issue, or experience assigned by the professor. These reflections should include your reactions from the class, both texts, and any experiences outside the class that pertain to the learning in the class. At least a part of the reaction paper shall consist of the direct expression of feelings as opposed to cognitive reactions. This is meant to be a journaling exercise to get you in touch with your process in becoming a potential counselor. You will also need to identify a section which reflects on your thoughts and feelings in relation to the assigned “faith” reading for each week (Allender & Longman).
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