jimmy s world paper

jimmy s world paper

Read: Jimmy’s World (read this one first)
Read: Janet Cooke (read this one second)
Read: Chapter 5 “Magazines”
After reading both the “Jimmyâ€s World” article and the article about itâ€s author please write a 2 page reaction/opinion to the article and the situation surrounding the author and her story.
Make sure your paper fills a FULL 2 pages or you will lose points. You can always write more than 2 pages.
Grammar, spelling, content and sentence structure count.
This is a formal writing assignment so make sure you have an introduction, body and conclusion.

The assignment must:

Be typed
Be double spaced
Use 12 point font
Be in Times New Roman font
Include proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure
Include paragraphs
Implement proper essay/paper format (introduction, body, conclusion)

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