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For each relationship theory discussed in Chapter 9, you are to write a 1 page “brief” or summary of the main points. Summarizing the ideas in your own words will help you to organize your thinking while about the key concepts and strengths and weakness of each theory.The briefs should include:Attraction TheoryRelationship Rules TheoryRelationship Dialectics TheorySocial Penetration TheorySocial Exchange Theory
Each brief should be no more than one-page long, typed, and should include information under each of the following headings:One sentence summary. In your own words, using just one short, simple sentence, capture as much of the theory as possible.Key concepts: In this theory, what are the key concepts? List and describe at least three key concepts.Most Significant Strengths / Weaknesses: What are they? List and describe at least two strengths and weaknesses.Resources for assessment:Textbook Reading: The Interpersonal Communication Book by Joseph A. DeVito, 14th Edition, Chapter 9-Interpersonal Relationship Stages, Theories, and Communication
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