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EXPLAIN YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THERAPEUTIC JURISPRUDENCE AND HOW IT APPLIES TO THE FOLLOWING CASE VIGNETTE.Jorge is a 56-year-old male from Puerto Rico and the youngest of nine children. Hehas a history of trauma and criminal offending that has included the unexpecteddeath of his father at age 5, childhood sexual victimization, poverty, prostitution,drug dealing, substance abuse (heroin addiction), and recidivism (incarcerated twotimes). At age 17, he reported committing armed robbery to support his heroinaddiction and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. During his prison term, hecontinued to use drugs. He violated parole within 15 months of release after beingcharged with sexual offense of a minor and possession of controlled dangeroussubstances, and as a result, is now serving his second and current 45-yearsentence. In prison, he has spent 8 of the past 15 years in solitary confinement. Heperceives prison as “an overcrowded monster” designed to hold, degrade, andpunish people. He views the staff as disinterested and disengaged and isdespondent over the limited access to counseling and education rehabilitativeservices. Jorge was diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago while in prison and isprojected to receive parole in 14 years when he is in his late seventies. He has nothad any contact with family in over 5 years and reports feeling depressed Plagiarism Free Papers
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