Intro Paragraph and Outline

Intro Paragraph and Outline

This is my English Term Papers Intro Paragraph and Outline not the whole paper and I would like it to start really nice as I will continue to do the rest: Below are the questions that will help you write a good paper. I will also share my research journals down below so you have an idea of the whole paper. Please read them carefully and do accordingly. I expect a good paper and will not be satisfied without it. Thank you for understanding.
Topic of my Research Paper
My topic is Smart Drugs (Such as Adderall and Cognitive Enhancing stimulants) and their effects on developing brains(such as university students and high school kids) who take them without prescription to boost their performance in school.
Read RJ 1 for sure, it will help you understand what I am talking about!

Q: What do I need to think about when considering ‘telling the story’ of my research paper argument?
Q: What is the best way to open my paper and introduce my topic?
Q: Do I have a clear idea of how I will clearly state my thesis claim?
Q: Do the elements of my argument seem to naturally divide themselves into sections?
Q: In what order should I present my claims?
Q: Should the material I have for counter-argument be confined to one section, or appear several times throughout my paper?

Assignment Objectives:

Develop a well-written opener and introduction to your topic and construct a ‘road map’ for developing a thesis-driven argument within an academic persuasive research paper

A. To start, consult these resources, which will assist you in completing this assignment successfully:

Thesis Statements
Openers, by John Trimble
Writing Introductions – A Guide
A example of an expanded outline, mainly for structure.
Templates for Counterargument and Concession

B. Write your introduction (typed, MLA format)

C. Skip 2-3 lines between your complete introduction paragraph and your outline. Clearly label each.

D. As you draft your outline, think about the sequence you will use to support your thesis:

Examine your thesis, and create the sub-arguments that arise from your rationale, and think about where you might strategically place your counter-argument.
Under each sub-argument, think about how you might support and explain this idea, breaking these into paragraphs and “drafting” the topic sentences.
Organize the research that would support those ideas in your topic sentences (your Research Journal Project will help here).
Add to each paragraph outline the details from your research that you will use to explain, discuss, or support your ideas in that area.
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