interview with administrator of your work place essay


Conduct a brief (15-30 minutes) interview of an administrator at your workplace.
Ask him/her to describe their perceived negotiation style using an example from their professional practice.
Were they successful in the negotiation?
Compare this style to your own and describe the similarities and/or differences.
Reminder to use support from literature.


Body of paper should be 1 – 2 pages, plus UTA CONHI title page and references.
Organization of your paper should be as follows:

Title Page.
I. Brief description of interview subject – include role in organization, management experience, or other factors to ‘set the stage’
II.Summation of subject’s negotiation style – include description of specific example with results of negotiation
III.Analysis of negotiation example provided by subject
IV.Comparison of interviewer and interviewee negotiation styles

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