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My research surround the opening to investigate the extent on how effective is intervention and the many factors related to the characteristic of these interventions. Several studies read concluded that intervention is a necessary component for underachieving students to raise their level of reading. It also shows that some of these interventions relied on teacher knowledge, instructional performance, intervention curriculum and the type of instruction necessary for these student improvements. Although the research studies concerning intervention does shows students improvement these study has also identifies the knowledge gap that it is not known if and to what extent core curriculum reading intervention for K-3 affects assessment score. Lesaux, Kieffer, Faller and Kelley (2010) found that the equal treatment effect for their participants raises questions about how to narrow the achievement gap. It also raises questions and speculations about the design of this instruction across grade levels and how it affects students’ academic achievement. My Topic as stated before is on Core curriculum reading intervention for K-12: Promoting learning and problem solving skills for test scores. This research will be informing on the gap that allow for the problem statement of if and to what extent does core curriculum reading intervention for K-12 effect assessment score. It will also let known to what extent does teachers intervention instruction can effect reading assessment, how does teacher training influence core curriculum building and intervention instruction. Nevertheless, the problem statement is the foundation for and the rationale for the literature review, which inform on previous studies research design, type of study participants, methodology and collection instruments, their outcome and limitation(s). Hence the problem statement informs the theoretical foundation its content knowledge giving allowing for this current research.
Lesaux N. K., Kieffer M. J., Faller S. E. & Kelley J. G. (2010) The Effectiveness and Ease of Implementation of an Academic Vocabulary Intervention for Linguistically Diverse Students in Urban Middle School. Reading Research Quarterly 45 (2) 196-228

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