intermediate accounting assignment 2

intermediate accounting assignment 2

This is an individual assignment. Form a group of not more than 3 members and prepare a poster focussing on following points:

The Assignment should cover the following points:

Introduction of topic
SWOT analysis
Application in Saudi Arabia

List of Topics

Mergers and Acquisition
REITs (real estate investment trusts)

Prepare visuals, diagrams or pictures to illustrate your learning. Be Creative!!
The printed poster will be brought on the date of the poster presentation and the team will be responsible to display and explain the poster. Posters must conform to the following requirements:

Content: All the above Comparative criteria must be addressed.
Clarity: Font size must be readable from a distance. Grammar and spelling must be correct.
Format and Submission: The draft soft copy of the poster should be submitted by only one team member to the Blackboard submission link. The hard copy of the poster to be displayed on the Poster presentation day and each team member should be present to explain their poster.

Posters dimensions = 4 ft. X 4 ft. (1.219 m X 1.219 m)

Research and References: from relevant academic sources like research papers, journal articles and company websites is expected.

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