Intercultural Communication Paper

Intercultural Communication Paper

Complete the INCA survey and develop a  one-page reflection summarizing your ideas and your results. Include  your Intercultural Competence Score Sheet.  Do  not limit your summary to a restatement of the survey results; those  will be apparent on the included score sheet.  Reflect on why you scored  as you did in each of the assessment  categories, whether you agree  with your results, and how you plan to use those insights.

Part 2: 

Select three (3) critical incidents  from the list of eight provided below and analyze each incident using  the cultural dimensions studied in class.  Your job is to identify which  cultural dimensions or values are influencing the situation.  This is  very important:  you are not being asked to  judge who is right and wrong in the scenarios.  Your task is to analyze  why the people involved see the same situation differently.  What are  the cultural differences that cause them to interpret the same set of  facts from a different perspective?

Each analysis should contain at least three (3) scholarly references for a total of nine references.  You may use course materials that pertain directly to the incident and you may add others from your research.  Your  analysis should be complete and supported by the literature, not an  opinion. You will be evaluated on how well you can form an argument,  that is, present a statement and support it with credible sources.

Complete both parts in a formal  written paper using APA format. Use headings to mark each part: Part 1  and Part 2. Use subheadings to indicate the discussion of each critical  incident. Include the number of the incident but do not repeat the text.  Please review the requirements for all written assignments on page 3 of  the syllabus.

INCA is an acronym for Intercultural Competency Assessment.  The purpose of the INCA survey is for you to examine your intercultural  awareness and assess your cultural sensitivity. This activity is  designed to help you become aware of your own attitude towards cultural  diversity. The dimensions of cultural competence measured by the INCA  survey are:1) Tolerance of ambiguity, 2) Behavioral flexibility, 3)  Communicative awareness, 4) Knowledge discovery, 5) Respect for  Otherness, and 6) Empathy.

NOTE:  This project and the instrument created was funded by the Council of  Europe and the Leonardo da Vinci II Program.  You can read more about  this project, if you are interested, here:

Directions: Complete  all of the INCA Survey questions. When you are done, use the INCA  survey key to help you analyze your results. Read about the different  dimensions of intercultural competency and what they mean.

Note  that a total score for the INCA survey is not important for the purpose  of this assignment.  (You will not get a total score).


  •     INCA SURVEY STUDENT VERSION  Word Document      I’m Done
  •     INCA SURVEY KEY  Word Document
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