instructions are below and materials are uploaded 1

Upload a 4-page 11 size font, Times New Roman, word document. If you use any secondary sources, you MUST reference them and include a bibliography, which will be in addition to the original page count. I will be grading your work using the electronic mark-up features in word, so I need a word file.
You will be analyzing the, Inc. financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2018. You have already prepared the tools you need using these statements in the prior weeks.(I have uploaded the Horizontal and Vertical Balance sheet, Horizontal and Vertical Income Statements, and the Ratio document. Everything is on one Excel document but the Ratio document, I have uploaded that as well. You would just have to click on the tabs to get to each document). This portion of the assignment is simply your written analysis of these tools.
Here are a few tips for this assignment:
Yes, you can certainly include charts in your paper to illustrate your point. Just make sure you don’t take up a significant amount of your space with charts or graphs. Try to make sure you have about four pages of written assessment. Certainly refer to the numbers in your tools and your ratios, but I would not copy and paste these tools in their entirety into your paper. Give your reader the specific numbers or calculations that back up your argument. These will be the ones you have selected for analysis and not every change. If you were presenting this to someone in an oral presentation, you would use more visuals, and your tools would likely be attached. Since I have a copy of your tools, you do not have to add them back to this assignment.I am looking forward to seeing your progress in taking on the analyst role after a few weeks of training. Each submission will be different based on your background and perspectives. Make sure to provide your own analysis from each perspective (manager, investor, and creditor), but back up your points or arguments with the tools that you have created so far. Your competitor comparisons will come from the companies that you selected in your Google sheets for ratio calculations.
Written section: You are to analyze the failures and successes of Amazon (the company that is the focus). You are going to start off by introducing Amazon and the background that supports your evaluation of your data for the company.. Then, 1-page/perspective. What is your evaluation of the company from an investor, creditor, and management perspective. What did they do wrong, what did they do right, and you will pull data from the balance sheets, income statements, and ratio sheet (this has been uploaded). Last, a conclusion of your analysis/findings.
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