Instructional Unit Goals Objectives and the Teaching Plans health and medicine homework help

Instructional Unit: Goals, Objectives, and the Teaching Plans

This week you will submit your instructional unit, which should include three lesson plans: one focused on patient education, one on family education, and one on staff development. Remember, your plans should demonstrate a logical approach to teaching, communicate what is to be taught and how, and outline how objectives are to be evaluated. Click here for a refresher on what each final lesson should include.

Building on the work that you started in Week 2, for all three groups of learners:

Write several broad instructional goals for the educational experience.
Write several behavioral objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy.
Describe the lesson content.
Provide a sequence for teaching activities.
Describe instructional methods.
Indicate time allotted for each activity.
Identify and describe the instructional resources (materials, tools, etc.) and technology to be used.
Describe how the learning will be evaluated.

On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA format.
Submit your response in a 6- to 7-page paper
I have attached two word docs below one is the lesson components that need to be meet for this assignment and the other one is the introduction to the instructional unit project completed in week 2. Use it as a reference for completing this assignment. This instructor is extremely particular and picky and will make us re-do them until it is corrected. So, if I choose you as the tutor to work on this, i will also expect that if it gets returned back to be that you will be fixing it as well.
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