Info resource management – Empire Essays

Info resource management – Empire Essays

Rosa Garcia, a former colleague of yours, is a newly appointed CIO at a growing chain of organic grocery stores, ABC Fresh. Rosa has been chartered to incorporate “Big Data” into the organization and she is asking for your help. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, with a minimum of 15 slides, for Rosa and her executive management team addressing the following topics:

Data warehousing
Data security
System operations

The audience for your presentation will be the company executives. Not everyone is familiar with the topics you are going to cover, so be sure to provide the appropriate level of information and details.
For each of the three topics:

Define the term and introduce the topic
Discuss pros and cons
Implementation suggestion(s),
Provide a brief case study of at least one company who is using the technologies in a similar way

Prepare speaker notes for each slide (average 75 words per slide), a title slide, and a reference slide.
Include a minimum of three sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections.
Format your paper using West Writing Style Handbook guidelines.
Submit your work via My Assignments.

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