influence of technology on education argument persuasion essay

Consider the following:

You must prove that your argument topic is important and timely, this must occur in the introduction. Your topic should be an argument or disagreement that is in the news or talked about today.
You must aim at being influential rather than biased.
A brief historical overview of your topic must be included.
Be aware of biased sources, they will lower the overall score of your essay.
Outside sources must be chosen with great care, they will make your argument plausible.
The other side of the argument must be mentioned and rebutted. If you do not include this section your essay cannot score above 75%.
Religious views may NOT be the foundation of your argument; however, you may discuss how religion has shaped your subject matter.
Your conclusion must synthesize your argument in a way that makes it clear to the reader your position is valuable and should be considered.
A correctly formatted works cited page is required.

Our book provides a number of excellent resources on this essay, as well, I will meet with each person in the class to discuss your topic and plans. The “Opposing Viewpoints” database that the college has is an excellent place to look for a topic.
Things to Remember:

Because this is our last essay, no late papers will be accepted.
There is a strict limitation on using .com sites for this essay.
Consider this organizational pattern:

Introduction- Background and three claims–Thesis Statement—One-One and a Half Pages
Body One: Claim One–One Page
Body Two: Claim Two -One Page
Body Three: Claim Three-One Page
Body Four: The other side 1/2–Your rebuttal 1/2–One Page Total
Conclusion: One Page
***The other side’s opinion could be integrated into each body paragraph; however, the essay must be at least six pages.***
***If you plan to use any graphs, charts, or images, please create an appendix.

Five sources minimum/ten maximum
No .com is allowed
2 scholarly source is required
my essay will talk about the influence of technology on education
I will give you more information later

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